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FrameworkECM, the electronic content management system

Accepting all content types.

SoftWriters is proud to introduce FrameworkECM™, the first true electronic content management solution for pharmacy.  FrameworkECM is the modern way to simplify and standardize all incoming orders, forever changing the way you manage workflow.

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FrameworkLTC pharmacy software has unparalled connectivity and integration


FrameworkLTC® becomes your hub to total LTC pharmacy connectivity. With HL7 and/or SCRIPT connectivity, you can experience bi-directional interfaces with participating eMAR/eHR vendors. Transform your workflow with new levels of efficiency, tracking and usability.  

FrameworkLTC pharmacy management software enables you to outpace the competition

Outpace Your Competition

With SoftWriters' FrameworkLTC® pharmacy management software, your pharmacy can run faster with enhanced customer service capabilities.

Protect against shrinking margins without draining your piggy bank.

Decide with Confidence.

FrameworkBI™ from SoftWriters is the first business intelligence module with total access to important real-time and historical business metrics.  Identify issues and opportunities sooner.  Know with certainty.  Decide with confidence.