FrameworkECM™ is the first of its kind - the electronic content management system that manages all orders through a singular process, including fax, phone and electronic prescriptions.  FrameworkECM integrates fully and seamlessly with FrameworkLTC®, unifies workflow for faxes, phone orders and ePrescribing, automates workflow tasks and stores all types of digital content, including PDF documents, voicemail wav files, Microsoft documents and more.  More »

FrameworkPOD™ is the only point-of-delivery system with complete integration into your pharmacy management solution. That integration ensures that drivers are not dispatched until all scheduled medications have made it to the tote. With real-time tracking, both pharmacy and facility have immediate access to order status and estimated time of arrival through both FrameworkLTC and FrameworkLink.  More »

Offer your pharmacy and facility staff the power of effective communication and robust information with trackable, functional FrameworkLink™. This web-based companion product to FrameworkLTC helps facility staff share knowledge, track shipments and automate a number of daily tasks, while it supports pharmacy staff with better, more accurate information. Enrich every phase of the LTC pharmacy process with the dynamic information-sharing of FrameworkLink. More »

FrameworkLTC goes mobile with efficient, effective FrameworkFlow™. This exciting companion product to FrameworkLTC adds extra freedom to your pharmacy—freedom to stay active and accurate no matter where you are on the pharmacy floor. This hand-held, barcode-scanning computer makes inventory quick and precise, transforms dispensing into an error-free process and even makes defining and tracking totes a more comprehensive, accurate task. From the shelves to totes and anywhere in-between, FrameworkFlow goes where you do. More »

Integrate today’s medical technologies with your pharmacy workflow for new dynamic opportunities using FrameworkHL7™. This companion product to FrameworkLTC becomes your connection to a whole world of added functionality and efficiencies, including electronic medication administration records (eMAR), EHRs, remote dispensing, and packaging technologies. Enjoy labor-saving solutions and improve accuracy with credible information at your fingertips. More »

Decide with confidence using the new business intelligence product, FrameworkBI™. FrameworkBI is a web-based application that provides real-time access to the business metrics pharmacies need to make crucial business day-to-day decisions. This companion product to FrameworkLTC can be utilized on your smart phone or tablet anywhere, anytime. More »